Western North Dakota Construction Tools and Supplies

Construction Tools & Supplies for Bismarck, Mandan, Williston Basin & Bakken Oil Field

Northwest Industrial Supply has a variety of construction tools and supplies. Starting with drills-both cordless and electric; circular saws; sawzalls; wheelbarrows; shovels; picks; jackhammers; air compressors; hoses; levels; jackhammer bits; rotary hammers; core drills and bits; concrete and metal demo saws; ladders; reinforced poly; and tie wire.

Drills: We have cordless and electric drills from 1/4" through 1/2" made by Bosch and Milwaukee Electric Tool.

Saws: We inventory circular saws and worm gear saws as well as circular metal cutting saws. Also sawzalls and saw blades. Manufactured by Milwaukee Electric Tool and Bosch.

Wheelbarrows: Sizes range from 6 to 10 cubic feet both in single and double wheel styles. Manufactured by Truper and Brentwood.

Jackhammers and bits: Ingersoll Rand, Jet, Ajax, and Brunner and Lay are the manufacturers we use for stocking. From ZIP guns to 90# Breakers, air and electric as well as the tooling like moil points, chisels and bushing head tools.

Rotary Hammers & Hammer Drills: Hammer drills to light demo hammers are available at Northwest Industrial Supply. We stock cordless hammer drills and cordless rotary hammers. Manufactured by Bosch and Milwaukee Electric Tool.

Core Drills: We carry from 1-1/4" to 12". Made by Huskavarna.

Concrete and Metal Demo Saws: Electric or gas saws are available from 12" through 16" metal cutting and also for concrete. Blades of all sizes and types including diamond blades.

Ladders: Northwest Industrial Supply stocks aluminum and fiberglass ladders, both step and extension. From 2' to 32" and 40" are available. Rated @ 300 & 375# capacity.

Reinforced Poly: We stock sizes from 10 to 40 x 100 in both woven and string styles.

Tie Wire: Various sizes and gauges of wire are available from 18 gauge to 9 gauge. From 2# rolls to 50# rolls.

For questions, more information or to place an order, email or call us at 800-932-8732.

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