Western North Dakota Concrete Tools and Supplies

Concrete Tools & Supplies for Bismarck, Mandan, Williston Basin & Bakken Oil Field

At Northwest Industrial Supply, concrete tools and supplies have been a major part of our business for many years. We have concrete supply stores in four states. The list of products covers poly sheeting, concrete cures & sealers, anchor bolts, forms, and form ties, form oil to sprayers, nails, bar ties, expansion joint, trowels, water stop, joint sealant and caulking, wood and steel stakes, patching cement, silica sand, concrete stamps, rebar benders, caulking guns, and diamond blades.

Poly Sheeting: We carry 4 and 6 mill poly sheeting, as well as reinforced poly for winter enclosures.

Concrete Sealers: We have water base and acrylic base sealers and cures by Dayton Superior.

Anchor Bolts: We carry 1/4" to 1" diameter stud anchors. Also masonry screws and double expansion anchors to drop-in anchors made by Rawl and Red Head.

Forms & Form Ties: Northwest Industrial Supply has ties for Symons and Gates forms as well as Dee forms for sidewalk, curb, and gutter forming.

Sprayers & Form Oil: A full line of Chapin hand sprayers and parts are available at Northwest Industrial Supply. We also stock form oil manufactured by Dayton Superior.

Nails, Bar Ties, and Expansion Joint: We have duplex nails for forming and bar ties of various lengths for tying rebar. Also, we carry five different gauges of tie wire.

Trowels and Masonry Tools: Kraft Tool is the manufacturer from which we inventory most our concrete finishing tools.

Water stop: We carry PVC water stop by Greenstreak and cement powder by Dayton.

NP-1: We have crack sealants by Sonneborn like NP-1 and SL-1.

Wood and Steel Stakes: Some of the best grades of wood stakes, as well as steel Dee stakes are in our inventory.

Patching Cement: At Northwest Industrial Supply we have cementitious products such as grouts, overlays, underlayments, and thin layer patches all manufactured by Dayton Superior.

Concrete Stamps: manufactured by Kraft Tool.

Rebar Benders: manufactured by Willard.

Caulking Guns: Northwest Industrial Supply has several lines of caulking guns made by Cox, Albion, Milwaukee, and Apex which include manual caulking guns, pneumatic caulking guns, and battery powered caulking guns.

Diamond Blades: You will find many sizes from 4" through 16" diamond blades. Also, core bits and large diameter diamond blades manufactured by Target or Huskivarna.

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