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Western North Dakota Construction Tools and Supplies
Construction Tools & Supplies for Bismarck, Mandan, Williston Basin & Baken Oil Field

Northwest Industrial Supply has a variety of construction tools and supplies. Starting with drills-both cordless and electric; circular saws; sawzalls; wheelbarrows; shovels; picks; jackhammers; air compressors; hoses; levels; jackhammer bits; rotary hammers; core drills and bits; concrete and metal demo saws; ladders; reinforced poly; and tie wire.

Drills: We have cordless and electric drills from 1/4" through 1/2" made by Bosch and Milwaukee Electric Tool.

Saws: We inventory circular saws and worm gear saws as well as circular metal cutting saws. Also sawzalls and saw blades. Manufactured by Milwaukee Electric Tool and Bosch.

Wheelbarrows: Sizes range from 6 to 10 cubic feet both in single and double wheel styles. Manufactured by Truper and Brentwood.

Jackhammers and bits: Ingersoll Rand, Jet, Ajax, and Brunner and Lay are the manufacturers we use for stocking. From ZIP guns to 90# Breakers, air and electric as well as the tooling like moil points, chisels and bushing head tools.

Rotary Hammers & Hammer Drills: Hammer drills to light demo hammers are available at Northwest Industrial Supply. We stock cordless hammer drills and cordless rotary hammers. Manufactured by Bosch and Milwaukee Electric Tool.

Core Drills: We carry from 1-1/4" to 12". Made by Huskavarna.

Concrete and Metal Demo Saws: Electric or gas saws are available from 12" through 16" metal cutting and also for concrete. Blades of all sizes and types including diamond blades.

Ladders: Northwest Industrial Supply stocks aluminum and fiberglass ladders, both step and extension. From 2' to 32" and 40" are available. Rated @ 300 & 375# capacity.

Reinforced Poly: We stock sizes from 10 to 40 x 100 in both woven and string styles.

Tie Wire: Various sizes and gauges of wire are available from 18 gauge to 9 gauge. From 2# rolls to 50# rolls

For questions, more information or to place an order, email or call us at 800-932-8732
Northwest Industrial Supply Company of Mandan, ND, is one of the North Dakota industrial construction tools and supplies companies, North Dakota oil field tool and supply companies, and North Dakota construction tools and supplies companies. We stock drills, saws, jackhammers, wheelbarrows, core drills, and concrete saws for western North Dakota, Williston Basin, Baken Oil Field, Bismarck, and Mandan.